The Shadow Warrior are the mandalorians who can use a lightsaber.They are like kinda of mage but they are really elite mandalorians.This Clan.The leader is Ja'rrlaThe 'lla.They are really fierce warrior and powerfull mandalorian with a really big code of honor.He use an Orangecrystal .He was the leader of all the Shadow Warriors and a respected mandalorians.His action led to the peace in some planets of the systems.He was a True mandalorian even if some people deny it.He everytime showed a respect to his friend Jaster Meerel.

Rules of conductEdit

if you do not even considered as a Mandalorian, how can you consider as a Mandalorian Shadow?


The rules are very strict and if anyone does not obey, he will be expelled from the clan or even banish see killed

  • Respect the guild
  • Respect your Brothers and your elder brothers
  • Find your own crystal and do not ask for help
  • Respect the elders and youngers
  • Do not lie to your superior or your master in any cases
  • Sing the song of the clan at the beginings of the meeting and at the end
  • Do never leave an information about the Clan to an enemy

You can lose a precious stuff,you can destroy a material but you can replace it,you can't replace your vode so becarfull with them because they are your only hope and your most precious thing that you have.


The song of *vod

This song is a ceremonial song that all the members of the guild knows and preserve.This is an identification.This is a weapon.This is an armor.This is your life.

<<Aok'mi'r malakata, Please,give us your knowelge,please give us your protection please  give us the power>        <<Aok'mi'r malakata,Listen the song,listen our heart,listen our song.We are your servants,we are your protector



A Shadow Warrior

The Shadow Warrior
General information
  • Alcer'de Bueno
  • ar'kix Bueno
Notable members
Historical information
Founding 3,951 BBY