Shadow Moon Wars
Beginning 85 BBY
End 75 BBY,Battle of Gorva'ika
Place Sye'lla System,Shadow Moon,Corrisa'ika (planet)
  • The Death of Zan'zan R.R
  • Sye'lla System Cartels Break in
  • Genora Detrora takes over Shadow Moon
  • Shadow Moon reorganizes to Monarchy
Major battles
Cartel Gangs
Shadow Moon Army
Cartel Gangs
  • Genora Detrora †
  • Eilvshtien Shtien †
  • Anna Korvala †
  • Ivanov Ivan †
  • Won erom Nrael †

Shadow Moon Wars 85 BBY-75 BBY had the hardest battles and was the bloodiest war between Shadow Moon Army and Cartel Gangs from Sye'lla system and planet Antiquora'detrora (planet).The main outcome of the wars was that Royal Man Genora Detrora  from Antiquora'detrora wanted to take over the Shadow Moon, his plan was to make it as a Monarchay and become the King.

The Battle began at the beginning of 85 BBY in the morning.The Cartel Gang attacked the Kor'so'nary capital city first.The dropped the bombs on city and destroyed to Prime Minister Building.

Zan'zan R.R was found dead hour after the Cartel Gangs attacked.The Main Commander of First Battle called as Battle of Kor'so'nary was Dencrayt Oazalis.He led THE Shadow Moon Empire into the heart of a battles.

Dencrayt died at 84 BBY.He was shot by Cartel Gang Commander Ivanov Ivan.At the end of 84 BBY, Genora Detrora took over Shadow Moon and became the King.The coronation ceremony was at 83 BBY.The Kor'so'nary was taken and Cartel Gangs surrounded the capital city.

The Genora planned a destruction of a city nearby Kor'so'nary.Gorva'ika city. Genora ordered his men to drop a bomb on Gorva'ika as it was done in the Old Republic.The bomb was dropped on Gorva'ika city once again. Everyone had died, no survivors.

When Shadow Moon was taken only one city remained.Expan'son City.Genora ordered Cartel Gangs to take anything of value from the city, it was done. Expan'son City was then surrounded.

Around 82 BBY, a Resistance was formed.They were going against the Genora rules, they were wiping out Cartel Gangs and helping soldiers in battle. In the end of 82 BBY the resistance was taken and executed.

When planet Corrisa'ika (planet) came to help it was too late. Genora had sent all the fighters to bomb the cities. Corrisa'ika was taken as Shadow Moon.Everyone on Corrisa'ika became slaves.

For eight years Genora was the king of Shadow Moon untill all Sye'lla system forces joined together and attacked Cartel Gangs on Corrisa'ika and Shadow Moon. Genora was executed and Shadow Moon was free again with new Prime Minister.

Sye'lla System Conflict
Nuclear War on Shadow Moon (Gorva'ika city) Fourth Era 85 BBY-Fourth Era 70 BBY Blockade of Dyadin'an Ways