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The Shadow's RiftEdit


The Shadow's Rift

The Shadow's Rift was a rift where the Shad'ika prayed to their gods.In the Shad'ika mythology, it was the hole where Pymolous was born.When Pymolous grew up, he put water in the hole for the young children, because at those ancient times people didn't have much water.Now, the Shad'ika, to honor Pymolous, have put golden rocks, golden rings and golden coins around the water-

Fields of JusticeEdit

The Fields Of justice is the place where the first war against the Shad'ika and the Death watch happened.Outc

Fields Of Justice

ome;Victory of the Death Watch.The death watch imprisoned all the Shad'ika and killed all the True Mandalorians living on this planet.Three years later, a big battle happened, from the resistance against the death watch.After one year fighting, the Shad'ika managed to kill all the death watch and get their freedom back.All those facts happened on those fields.That's why they call them 'Fields of Justice'.Now, this is the place where the Shad'ika warriors get their training exercises.

The Shadow IslesEdit

The Shadow Isles is a part of isles where the Shad'ika people isolated the lepers.When this disease ended, whoever went there, never came back.The Legend says that a ghost, called Hecarim, guards the isles and the lepers.Some scientist went there to test the isles, they were recording with a camera whatever the

Hecarim, the Guardian of the Shadow Isles

y did.The last thing they saw before they die, was Hecarim.If someone went to those isles and escaped, he would get paranoid, he would see death dreams for his whole life or even lose his memory.But all those are legends.Now, the Shad'ika have their prison cages there.Only the strong warriors go there to guard the cages.