As in every planet of Sye'lla System, Shadow Moon has its own rich and beautiful fauna.Most of those

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animals live in the jungles of The Fields Of Justice.The LPA Alpha Police Team of Shadow Moon protects and takes care of all the animals on Shadow Moon.They have special cages with all the goods those animals need.


Shar'shoks are animals which live in the jungles of the fields of justice.They are also known as Zeb're

A usual Shar'shok.

ks, which means Light in Shad'ika'shika.They are red, four-legged animals which usually hunt Fambaas.They are usually brown with blue stripes in their back and sharp claws.


Dark'leis are animals which live in groups.They are hunters, usually eat humans and Fambaas.Their eyes are not so big, so they cannot see very well, but they have a very good olfaction, so they hunt the other animals with the huge help of their smell.They are strong with big legs, but with short and sharp hands.They are black/grey and they live about for 10-11 years.They
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A usual Dark'lei.(7 Years Old)

ancient Shad'ika were afraid of them and a lot of civilizations of them were destroyed from the Dark'leis.Dark'lei means Dark Death in Shad'ika'shika.


Ris'ers are the most dangerous animals on Shadow Moon. They are few and rare.They live in the junglands of Manda'lor Forest.They have blue/gray hair and they live in groups. There are not many information about this animal, because of the fear of the scientists to examine them.

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A usual Ris'er

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