The Shadow  Moon Army was a branch of the Shadow Moon Military that had the primary responsibility of prosecution of ground-side military operations, under the oversight of Army Command. Numbering in the tens of trillions, the Army utilized a wide range of equipment and vehicles in support of its infantry. Army units were often reinforced by troopers. On garrisoned worlds, the Army operated in conjunction with the Shadow Moon Navy, troopers, and the local constabulary to maintain order and security.


Recruitment and TrainingEdit

Initially the Army accepted recruits from Sye'lla system. Potential recruits would be screened at their local Shadow Moon Recruitment Office, with Screening Officers conducting background checks including looking into the candidate's school reports and home life. Candidates who passed initial screening would then be sent to Training Centers for medical examinations and intelligence assessments. Where possible recruits would be placed in the branch of service of their choosing, as dissatisfaction with assignment was a major cause of morale problems. However the initial screening tests were used as a guide to help show where a recruit was better suited; for example those with less intelligence were often transferred to the infantry branch. While an entirely different organization those recruits who matched certain criteria would be transferred to the Corps. Basic training would take place at one of thousands of drop camps situated across the  Sye'lla system, each one focused on a different area of operation such as infantry, armor, communications, engineering, et cetera. Physical fitness, equipment maintenance, team-buiding drills and indoctrination were all part of training to become an Army trooper. Survival in a variety of environments, from deserts to swamps to arctic tundra, and under different planetary gravities was standard in most cases. Some drop camps specialized in training units to deal with a specific terrain and atmospheric types, though in these cases most recruits would be drawn from exotic worlds.  Officer training would take place at a number of different Shadow Moon Army Officer Training Academies,  recruits underwent a year of hard, grueling training of intense physical and military exercises. Emphasis was placed on an officer's ability to command men through the two-fold method of leadership - drawing upon their fear of disobeying orders, which was disciplined into them during training, and gaining their respect by example. Psychological examinations were rigorously performed to test the candidate's mettle while a week spent in the interrogation center would simulate the type of treatment they could expect if they fell into enemy hands. Loyalty to the State and the correct balance between self-sacrifice and self-preservation also formed a critical part of officer training.