In the Shad'ika Mythology, Pymolous was the god of water, fire and war.He lived at the Fields Of Justice with the other 6 gods.His father was Operus and his mother was Alkyone.The two had 7 children, who were the 7 Shad'ika gods.

In the ancient Fields of Justice, Pymolous, his brothers and his sisters were learning their forces.One day Operus, the father of the gods, tried to kill them all because he thought they would steal his crown and his kingdom.So he started trying to kill them with every way.His first goal was to kill Pymolous, because he was the strongest one.He took an axe and when he tried to kill Pymolous, he got hit by Pymolous by flame force and then Operus died.After this, his mother Alkyone crowned him and Pymolous now was the Great God.