Onka Cha'lang

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Onka Cha'lang was the first member of Cha'lang family and the first Prime Minister of Cha'lang family.In his early years,Onka loved politics and diplomatics.He was reading about it.When he finished school he passed the test to National Shadow Moon University,where he studied politics.He finished university when he became 25 years old.He found a job in United States Government.He began with a represantative of Shadow Moon and later became a Senator.And then New prime minister election began.Onka was among the candidates and he became a Prime Minister in 1,550 BBY.

Soon he married a woman named Betty Verskaia'ika,later named Betty Verskaia Cha'lang.When it was 36th birthday of Onka,they made a child that was born in 1,540 BBY.Onka was forcing his soon to read more about politics.

When Onka was 70 years old,his power was gone.He could not rule planet and United States.It was 1,510 BBY when Onka's son was 30.The Minister of Shadow Moon was doing evrything to planet while Prime Minister was sick.

Finnaly it was 1,499 BBY when Onka Cha'lang died.His son was 41 years old.Government and U.S.S.M (United States of Shadow Moon) decided that Onka's son,Grass Cha'lang,must be next Prime Minister of Shadow Moon.People didn't like that step of government.