Lokmot'or on his dimension.


Jango fett

Lokmot'or,god of the pride.This god is a god who is pray by the shadow mandalorians,the kiryan of the 2nd era and other creatures.


He is a kind of man who think that he is invincible,the smartest man,and the best of the best in all things.

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God of the vengence,he have a amusing kind of personality.Laugh alaways,Like the challenges and like to kill all of what is move.He is one of the god mandalorians but he dont like mandalorians....He's kind of pride is really high and he dont like to be in presence of little humans.Nothings can hit him,can hurt him or can bother him without one thing he cannot take of.When you tell him that he is not powerfull,you signed your dead arrest.He can defeat a hundred of mand without being tired.Only one man could stop him.Jango fett.Jango was the only who could beat the god.they almost died but jango finished by win.Now Lokmot'or live on the god dimension.With all the others.