Konpa'oika'mand Giska

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Konpa'oika'mand Giska was a most respectful Prime Minister in history of Shadow Moon from 3,000 BBY-2,990 BBY.He was born on Shadow Moon and trained as a Mandalorian Warrior.But he was always ignoring his father's lessons,Giska loved politics.He was reading about politics and wanted to become a senator.In 3,002 BBY he became a senator of Shadow Moon,while there was no Prime Minister.In 3,001 BBY he traveled to the Republic worlds to join a senate meeting as a senator of neutral world of Shadow Moon and whole Sye'lla System.He saved a Shadow Moon from a big war against the Republic.And finally in 3,000 BBY he was one among four candidates to become a Prime Minister of Shadow Moon.He became a Prime Minister.Evryone loved him.Respected him.

It was 2,999 BBY and Giska gave an order to Shadow Moon Order that he will be creating a Shadow Moon Council.The point of a council that he will be forcing other planets in Sye'lla system to join the Shadow Moon Council so they can sign the treaty that Shadow Moon wl become a United States.Many people on Shadow Moon wanted to keep to their old tradition and began a Civil War.The operation was called "Attack on Kor'so'nary".Six months of a deadly battle.Alll those who was with Prime Minister,were sent to other planet.Soon,Giska executed Worwolard,the leader of resistance and resistance surrendered to Mandalorian Shadow Moon Empire.And in 2,997 BBY the Shadow Moon Council signed the treaty and Shadow Moon became a United States.