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Axial tilt and climateEdit

Kiry is a planet in the outside ring.It is never stated, but can be assumed, thats Kiry's axial tilt is negl


igible, since days and nights remain more or less the same length throughout the year, even in the northern part of Nirn. There also appears to be minimal variation in climate from month to month.


The geography of Kiry is really special, because you can have a side with snow and coldest wind.You can have a side with a really hottest temperature.


Kiry is a vast planet and home of the Nords of kiry, large and hardy men and women who are strong and great warriors who are fighting in the fourth era against the imperial legion.


The collected province of Kiry is ruled by the High King (or Queen) and their consort. Each hold is ruled by a King. Until the Stormwarrior Rebellion and Kiry civil war , the province was included in the Empire of kiry. While under this banner, kiry enjoyed military aid from the Emperor's army and inclusion in world affairs, as part of the Elder Council. The High King and each King  held a seat on the council.


Kiry  features many different terrain types, including tundra plains, forests, highlands and mountainous regions. It is the most rugged region on the continent; not only containing five of the highest peaks in Kiry , but also very snowy and cold. Only in the western reaches are there some measure of flat land, where most of the population resides. The rest of Kiry is vertical; mountains, cliffs, and deep valleys. A variety of crops are raised inKiry, from wheat to the hardy snowberry. Of note is that the particular climate of Kiry make the visitor satisfated because when they are comming and they are Weaker to the cold they can go to the south side.

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