Kill'arr Kino'paiva Gurfglider

Prime Minister From:

3,420 BBY


3,401 BBY


3,483 BBY



"I will not dare the Empire to take the Shadow Moon like this,only through the war then."

— Prime Minister Kill'Arr

Kill'Arr Kino'paiva Gurfglider was a Prime minister of Shadow Moon from 3,420 BBY to 3,401 BBY. He was born on 3,483 BBY and died on 3,398 He was also a brother of General Val'Kah Gurfglider. Kill'Arr wasn't the best Prime Minister on Shadow Moon, people hated him. But Kill'Arr created many good things like:

  • Winning the War
  • Signing the Neutral Treaty and creating a Shadow Moon as Neutral planet
  • Signing the Peace treaty with a Mandalorians

All this Prime Minister created. In the end of 3,398 BBY, Shadow Moon Order was up to elect the President of Shadow Moon, but one of the candidates died. That was Kill'Arr. He was shooted by a Bounty Hunter when he was staying in his balcony.