The Ionorix are a species on Shadow Moon that resemble Mandalorians in many ways and live in the Soul Forest on the Shadow Moon Snow side.


The Ionorix started off as a group of 29-30 rogue Mandalorians who wanted to carve their own culture, these Mandalorians stumbled upon Shadow Moon and decided to land their.  Upon landing they began to argue about who would be leader, they did a vote, but it was tied for 2 people, Zax and Orix, so they split up, on tribe being the Verdant and the other being the Roxus.  For 30 years the 2 tribes mainly got along, Zax ruling the Verdat and Orix ruling the Roxus, until one day when a Roxus Elder was assassinated, instantly presuming it was the Verdant, war quickly began in the 2 tribes.


The Ionorix were all Human Mandalorian's and varied in skin colour, hair colour and eye colour.  Most of them kept their helmets on all the time, so they would be distinguished by armour weapons.