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First Shadow Moon Civil War was a war in 2,000 BBY against the order of Prime Minister.Prime minister was tired that the Shadow Moon with it Imperial Oligarchy doesn't have the President.Prime Minister giving an Order to reorganize him to President without any candidates and election,which is people counting as unfair step of Prime Minister.

Week later people planning to start a civil war against the Shadow Moon  Empire and the Prime Minister himself.People choosed the leader,his name was Morva'ika'oka.The first step of citizens was to cut all comunication servers so SMSA will not call for help.They began in the night.The cut all communication servers and blew the State Building.

SMSA forces was on high alert.SMSA forces were ambushed by a resistance.The battle was very bloody.Many people died and many of them got injured.So the battle continued for 10 months.The resistance had killed the Prime Minister and the SMSA surrendered.And the leader of Resistance was chosen as new Prime Minister of Shadow Moon.Prime Minister Morva'ika'oka the Great.

Sye'lla System Conflicts
Attack on Kor'so'nary (Creation of Shadow Moon Council) First Era 2,000 BBY-First Era 1,600 BBY Nuclear War on Shadow Moon (Gorva'ika city)