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Dordara is one of the planets in Sy'ella system.It is located near to planet D'Vedr,in the Old Republic Dordara was counted as a moon of D'Vedr but soon D'Vedr Minister signed the document that Dordara cannot be moon of D'Vedr.

Dordara was the first planet who took Monarchy.The monarchy started in 2,999 BBY,the king was Torton Achunkag Gosvoliske Arkator Kwell.After him it was his son and then all the Kings of Dordara was from the Kwell Dynasty.

Dordara capital city is Meha.Dordara is also a forest planet with Dordara Pink plants in the forest.Thats why planet is pink.


The Inhabitants of Dordara are very classified, and have formed a secret army against Ionorix, who accidentaly

The species of Dordara look like this

destroyed the eco-system their by landing their and killing the great beast "Akhurai".