Chen'gery Cartel
General information
Founder(s) Crisen Diju'veran
  • Giston Gervero
  • Terdatron Groves
  • Zakkeg Yaton
  • Patt'onn Ione
  • Ger Dens Jut'tus
Headquarters Shadow Moon
Historical information

Other information

Eras Rise of the Empire era
Affiliation Criminals organisations

Chen'gery Cartel was a most dangeros Cartel on Shadow Moon,Kiry and D'Vedr around 30 BBY.Chen'gery means Most Dangeros.The Founder of Cartel was a Shad'ika male named Crisen Diju'veran.From 30 BBY-25 BBY Chen'gery Cartel was invading cities like:Kor'so'nary,Gorva'ika,S.M Corellian Sector and many others.

From 30 BBY-25 BBY,Shadow Moon Military Police and Shadow Moon Grand Army was fighting the Chen'gery Cartel.When it was 25 BBY,Chen'gery Cartel decided to kill and destroy Shadow Moon Prime Minister Building.But Feild Marchal Dencrayt Oazalis stopped them and whole Cartel was arested.