Battle for Shadow Moon


Cold War

"Council,with the latest news from Corrisa'ikawe have to be ready for attack,Coldian Warriors has attacked Coruscant,they will not come in pease to us.They will bring their army and attack us,we must report that to Grand Mand'alor council,if they won't help us,we will be destroyed.We are now the part of the Cold War my friends."

― The leader of Shadow Moon Council in 3,899 BBY.

Battle for Shadow Moon.The Cold War raged across the Glaxy and the Coldian empire was close to victory.After passing Sye'lla System,Mando'ade worlds, the Coldian Warriors Destroyer located a big moon,Shadow Moon.Coldian Commander visited Shadow Moon and talked to its Prime Minister, Kil'aar, who ignored the conversation of Coldian.The other day Coldian came with a War Treaty that Prime Minister couldn't ignore.Mand'Alor and the Shadow Moon Order Council were most surprised.All of them signed the treaty.Six months later, Shadow Moon  Forces, under the command of Mand'Alor the Blademaster Val'Kah, were ready to face the Coldian  Empire.The Empire made the first step by bombaming the Mandalorian Forces,152 were dead and 57 injured.Then Val'Kah led whole army to attack the Imperial Base.First battle was a defeat for the Empire and the victory for Shadow Moon Forces.After knowing the position of the Imperial Army, Coldian Commander ordered to bomb the Shadow Moon City called Expensive City.The city was destroyed.Prime Minister Kil'ar couldn't ignore the second battle that will be on second month of the war.And next month under the command of General Val'Kah and Major-General Gurf'ika, Mandalorians won the second battle with losing only 98 Mandalorians and 24 injured.Next month, Val'Kah Corso'pa'vo , led the Space Battles in orbit and atmosphere of Shadow Moon.The third battle was again a victory by the Mandalorians.Coldian Commander had only two battles left to take over the Shadow Moon.After one more month passed, Coldian Commander sent 100.000.000 Imperial Troopers to Shadow Moon.The Mandalorians lost the fourth Battle with losing Major-General Gurf'ika.Mand'alor Council and Shadow Moon Order were planning last hold-off invasion of Empire.The plan was made by Mand'Alor the Hero.Last month.Imperial forces is waiting,and suddenly Mandalorians bombing their forces and then under the command of Val'Kah,Mandalorians kills of the remaining Imperial Troopers.The Shadow moon Mandalorian Empire and Mandalorians won the Battle for Shadow Moon.On Next week Coldian Comander signing the Surrender Treaty and leaving the Shadow Moon.Next day Shadow Moon celebrates the victory.

Sye'lla System Conflicts
None First Era 3,899 BBY-First Era 3,318 BBY Industrial Sector Bombing Operation