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"For you're actions agantst the Prime Minister Order,you will be prisoned for the rest of Your life."

— Mand'Alor the Hero

After new Prime Minister was elected,named Konpa'oika'mand Giska,the first order was to create a new council that will allowed in all Sye'lla system planets to join the council.When peope (Shad'ika) heard the news,they were starting to form the Resistance againtst the Mandalorians and new Prime Minister.The Resistance leader was a man named Worwolard.He called the Prime Minister and told him that next evening 9:00 PM they will begin the attack.

Next evening Resistance destroyed half of Shadow Moon state building.38 people including a right hand of Prime Minister died.It was 1:00 PM and SMSA attacked the resistance.They were spoted at nearby another Shadow Moon State Building.68 Resistance and 24 men died.Worwolard next step was Parliament State Building.He sent a whole battalion.It was morning and Shadow Moon Order was in their building.Resistance blowed up Parliament.Unfortunatly Shadow Moon Order members were only injured,no one died.

Prime Minister Konpa'oika'mand gave an order to search the Resistance leader.After a blody battle,SMSA found Worwolard and executed him under the command of Prime Minister.Resistance had no choice.They created a plan that they called "Unfortunate Death",they planed to blow up whole Prime Minister State Bulding.But they failed.SMSA defeated them on their way.Resistance forces that survived was prisoned for the rest of their life.And they also signed a Surrender Treaty.

Sye'lla System Conflicts
Industrial Sector Bombing Operation First Era 2,999 BBY-First Era 2,000 BBY First Shadow Moon Civil War