The god of the knowelge. Aok'mir explored the galaxy to know more things.He is the only god who is not really bad.He came the after that he killed the 3rd high king of kiry.
Fire mage by devrimkunter

Aok'mi'r Malakata

He is was one of the bodyguard of the king and then he decided that he was tired of the king so he killed him.He decided that no king will be choice because by a way or another,they all finish corrupts.But he had to change his mind when he saw the young prince of kiry.Joskey kail was exacly a good king.Finally he had a kind of respect for joskey.And when joskey asked who he will choice like bodyguard everyboody told him that he is the murderer of the last king.Joskey said i dont care i am the king and i decide that Aok' will be his new bodyguard.He saved joskey 3 time.He did a really good budyguard.And when he died the god decided to welcome him to the Sandorra.